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Brand FAQ

Q: How can I get my fashion products on Indiemode?

Our e-commerce company focuses solely on local designers and we endeavour to build strong relationships with designers in order to give them a voice and help them grow their brand in the online sphere. If you love what Indiemode embodies and if you have your own brand that you would like to be featured then be sure to contact us.


Q: What is the process?

We want designers who are passionate about what they do, who are dedicated and who can provide high-quality fashion garments and accessories on a regular basis. Designers who are interested in submitting an application to be considered for the site can contact Indiemode’s project manager Melissa Combrink ( for more information and for the list of requirements in order to get your brand showcased. Melissa is hands-on, strives to create and build pertinent relationships with all designers and will carefully guide you through the submission process.


Q: How will my brand be displayed on the site?

Your brand will receive a dedicated page on our site with a header showcasing a selection of images from your range. Well-written copy of approximately 400-600 words about your brand will accompany this header. Once your brand has been selected to be featured on our site your products will be shot in studio, edited, written about and then uploaded onto our website under your own brand page. We encourage you to spread the word about your brand page and to get others interested in our online fashion movement and store.


Q: What will my products look like on the website?

We endeavour to convey your brand in the best possible light and our team of online marketing experts will ensure quality and consistency throughout. We take utmost care in all stages of our work with you as designer and we ensure that your products are photographed and written about to the best of our ability. Please feel free to view the brand pages that are currently on our site to get an idea of what your products will look like.


Q: How will the Indiemode site as a whole be advertised?

Our online marketing experts will take care of all the necessary marketing, from social media platforms, to newsletters, SEO and PPC advertising. We conduct our online marketing strategy meticiously and with great care as we feel that this is a crucial part of our business. It is very important for us to target the right audience for all the products and make a quality impression on those who encounter Indiemode for the first time. In terms of overall marketing efforts - we believe that quality should be prised over quantity at all times.