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Fashion | Posted by annelistrecker on Dec. 13, 2012, 3:14 p.m.

Our Indiemode street style scouting team Anneli, Hawa and Bronté were on the prowl for fashionistas on Tuesday the 11th of December. We were on a mission to see how everyday vacationers, holiday shoppers and women out on a lunch break dress and so we searched for ladies along Long Street and the St. George’s Mall area. We met so many wonderful ladies, and admired their unique style and their gorgeous outfits! These are a just a few of the ladies we interviewed – see how to replicate their style with similar garments from


Meet Tonje BuØ:


Tonje has been studying social work, and we caught her in this beautiful outfit just the day before she went home to Norway!

We absolutely love her animal print tulip skirt, simple white tank and gorgeous leather satchel!

Here’s our version of Tonje’s outfit:

 Items 1 to 3

1. White Tank Top:

2. Animal Print Skirt:

3. Clutch Bag:


Meet Belecia de Jager:


As a budding fashion designer, Belecia is definitely heading in the right direction! Her mix of textures and subtle colour combinations caught our eye immediately.

This pretty white cropped top and the stunning Aztec detail on her cut-off shorts make for a superb causal ensemble for summer.

Here’s our version of Belecia’s look:

 Items 4 to 6

4. Cropped Top:

5. Shorts:

6. Satchel:


Meet Cindy-Lee Mulder:


We think that Cindy-Lee’s laid-back, trendy outfit is great for a summer shopping spree!

Cindy-Lee is an Au pair who we snapped a shot of around St. Georges Mall.

Steal her style here:

Pair a cut-out tee with your favourite jeans, a matching sling bag and some colourful sandals!

 Item 7 and 8

Items 9 and 10

7. Blue top:

8. Green top:                                                                             

9. Earrings:

10. Tote bag:


Meet Syanne Patterson:


We snapped a shot of Syanne strolling down Long Street. We loved this model’s chic and feminine style!

Steal Syanne’s style here:

Pair a stylish dress with feminine jewellery and a great handbag!

Item 11 to 13

11. Print Dress: COMING SOON!

12. Geometric ring:

13. Bag:


Meet Batiswa Mdoyi:


Batiswa knows how to rock the colour blocking trend. The beautiful, bright colours of her outfit caught our eye as she was relaxing in St. George’s Mall.

Colour blocking is fun and really easy! Read here for a “How to” guide on colour blocking:

Get Batiswa’s style now:

 Items 14 and 15

Items 16 to 18

14. Mint Slacks:

15. Coral Chiffon Blouse:

16. Cobalt Slacks:

17. Duck Egg Vest:

18. Maxi overlay dress:


What’s your street style? How do you dress when you hit the streets of Cape Town, Durban or Johannesburg? Tell us in the comments section below!


Posted by annelistrecker on Dec. 13, 2012, 3:14 p.m.

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